Am I due to get my wisdom teeth?

Losing our teeth as a child is something we all remember; trying to waggle a loose tooth free, and then waiting for our the adult tooth to take its place. This is not always necessarily the end of teeth shifting in the mouth, as many people get their wisdom teeth as they grow older.

Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25, although in some people they come through many years laterĀ [1]. Adults can have up to 32 teeth, but many people only have space for 28, not leaving any room for wisdom teeth to come through properly.

Sometimes if there is not enough room for the wisdom tooth to come through, it can get stuck against the tooth in front of it; this is often called an impacted wisdom tooth. The tooth will come in at an angle and can provide discomfort.

While some people suffer slight discomfort when their wisdom teeth are coming through, many other people experience no problems, and the tooth will come through into the ideal position. If the tooth has partly appeared through the gum, it is advised to use mouthwashes or warm salt water to save the area from getting sore or swollen.

A dentist will be able to offer solutions for wisdom teeth that are incredibly painful or impacted. Dental insurance may help to cover the cost of treatment, which will vary according to the difficulty of the procedure and where it is being done.

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